The Detroit Historical Collection -

Turbine Car and over sixty other "Orphans" are being neglected!

Steve Lehto, while researching his book on the Chrysler Turbine Car program, was able to visit the Detroit Historical Collections Bubble Farm. Due to lack of funds, this car and the rest of the collection has been largely hidden from the public for the past fe decades. This collection, worth millions, is stashed in a old, asbestos-infested building that was last used to store U.S. Military Vehicles. The cars sit idle, like they are in "Limbo" waiting for someone to rescue them.

NEWS FLASH! The Turbine Car 991225 has a new home!!
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Here you can see the rows of "Bubble" cars. Why? Because the City of Detroit - like the auto industry they have always been the home of - is not able to fund the Detroit Historical Museum in a proper manner.

Above is the Chrysler Turbine car - once proud and powerful - now forlorn and dusty.

The car is all there and needs a very complete cleaning and detailing at the least.

Before the 'Bubbles" were applied a few years ago, the cars just sat and birds dropped on them and Rats built homes in them. At least the Bubbles may help keep them from more harm.

There are only eight more of these unique and beautiful back ends left in the world, this one should be seen by more than a bunch of rodents.

Those of us who love old cars and maybe it will take someone like Jay Leno to invest in a place these cars can be protected, preserved and most of all displayed for future generations to enjoy. I hope someone with a heart for old cars steps up and can provide help here.

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