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You have made the first step. You either want to know more about Christ or about me.

I have made a personal commitment to follow one God and I believe that he came to this earth in the form of a man. That man is Jesus Christ.

When my life on this planet is over and I die, I know where I will be - can you say the same? I have an assurance from the creator of everything I see above, below or on this earth that I have a place to go when my time here is over. I know that place will be with Him forever.

I was raised in a "Christian Home" before I was born, both of my parents made the same commitment I have made . I went to church with them and heard the standard "You must be washed in the Blood" or "You must be Saved!" and a lot of other things like that. It was not until I was a teenager that I made my commitment. I was listening to a sermon one communion Sunday and I guess I was really listening to God speaking through the minister. God was saying to me "I love you as my son, I want you to follow me the rest of your life and forever." God also told me just how simple it was to believe in Him and accept his gift. There was nothing more to it! God was standing there with the very best gift in the universe and all I had to do was take it.

In the Bible I had read John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life" many times and could quote it from memory. It was not until I opened myself to Him that I really understood just what that verse means. I fully understood that Christ loved me so much that he took my place. Christ died so that I would not have to die. At that moment I realized that God had been waiting and I had to go to Him. At that point you realize that the only thing that matters is where you are in relation to God. Do you really believe in Him and his Son Jesus? Do you really want to please Him?

It took me sixteen years to make a commitment and I had a great example in my own family. I know many who are reading this have not had an earthy father that provided them with an example of how God loves us. I was extremely fortunate to have a loving and caring father. I wanted more than anything else to please him and to never do anything that would separate him and his love from me. My dad let me help him in almost anything he did. My dad taught me many things and by example how I should live. That is how God wants it to be. He desires for all of us to love Him and work with Him until he calls us home.

I will be honest I am not always walking by the Lords side but when I walk away from him and try to do things on my own I find just how much I need His help. I am not perfect, I still do things and have thoughts that are not what God would want. I also know that God will still be there when I decide to go back to Him. He loves me so much He will not even remember the times I try to do my own thing.

There is a small three letter word that people don't like very much, Sin, there I said it. Sin is one of those words that causes many people to stop talking and change the subject. Well I am sorry if the word offends anyone but I sin and I can say without a doubt everyone who reads this page has sinned and will sin again. If just the word "sin" offends remember God is offended by what it is.

Sin is what separates us from God. We are all born bad. We want what is good for us from the very start. We survive by taking advantage of others for our own pleasure. No one needs to be taught to steal, lie or cheat. All sin is valued the same. Sin has no degrees. Murder separates us from God just like the "Love of money" does. God loves all of us but he can't talk to us when we won't let him. That is how sin keeps us from God, we sin and we are afraid to talk to him about it. We are afraid he will reject us because we are doing something bad. That is why he sent Christ to die on the cross for us. Through Christ, God is saying in the loudest voice he can, "no matter what you do I love you!" I love you so much that I am willing to give you my own Son to take the punishment that you deserve!

That is it folks. Believe with all your heart and all your mind that you need God. The only way you can get close to God is to admit that you are a sinner and are not capable of anything good without Him. Acknowledge that God loved you so much that he allowed Jesus to suffer so you would not have to. Do not take my word for any of this. Read the Gospel of John and the book of Romans. Let God tell you in His own words, I am sure you can find a Bible somewhere. Since you are already on the web reading this you can always read the entire NIV Bible on line. For a long time I had the King James version here however the NIV version is considered as accurate and much easier to read.

God wants everyone to read His word and believe.

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