When I set this web site up, I wanted to give credit to anyone who helped me. As I write this, I have had these pages up for over eight years in various forms. On September 11th 2001, our nation suffered the tragic attack on New York and Washington D.C. and that must never be forgotten. It made many of us realize that our nation is a great place made up of great people! Sure we have some wackos and criminals but for the most part, we are a good and honest people. So first I would like to give credit to the country I was born and live in, The United States of America! We may not be perfect but we are better than any other place on the earth.

Second, I would like to give credit to my father. He no longer resides on this ball of dirt, in 1987 he left here to "go to his home in heaven". My father never told me that I could not do something, he always encouraged me in anything I wanted to try. He taught me many of the things I know by letting me help him. He labored during his life as truck/heavy equipment mechanic and/or a welder. He worked many jobs over the years but his first job was being a good husband and father to his two sons. Thanks dad! I owe almost everything I know to you.

Two years ago my mother also passed on to her reward. I have to thank her for being who she was. She was always a "working mom" even though many of my friends had moms who spent all day home, cooking, cleaning and raising the family, my mom did all that and worked eight hours a day too. She did it so we could have a better lifestyle and because she really enjoyed working. She would not do well in the world today, her expertise was in Shorthand, typing on a typewriter, office management and accounting. She did all that before the computer changed everything - she did it very well. Mom could be a nag at times but I thank her for that nagging - I did not like it at the time - but she was right about all of it and I was lazy (maybe I still am just a little) and needed it. Thanks mom for keeping me on track (as much as she could - I can be stubborn) and in school even when I hated it. I also know mom prayed for me all the time - even when she was loosing her memory and suffering in a nursing home - she looked to God for everything.

Then there is my wife Lynette, she deserves a lot of credit for sticking by me in all my hobbies, quests, and other odd things I may do. She is my rudder and helpmate. She has put up with me for over thirty years and that takes a strong woman in any book. Who else would let their husband keep car parts in the living room just so he can look at them and clean them etc. She also puts up with my changing her computer every few years - just about the time she understands the old one, I give her a different one. I use her to simplify things I do, I tend to be very detailed and "long winded" in my writing and talking. Lynette can look at something I write and say the same thing with about 80 percent less words. She is a very important part of my life and I give her credit here for being the best wife a man could ask for.

Last, I cannot give credit to anyone or anything without giving credit to the "Creator of the Universe" without God and His Son Jesus, there would not be anything. God has blessed me and for that I am very thankful. I can never repay Him for His goodness but I do know He is the one from whom it all comes and love Him for it.


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