For the best of the best Mopar sites, you can't beat it is the most visited site for the Mopar Nut - you have tried the rest, this is the best!!

The Walter P. Chrysler club The Club site for ALL Chrysler products This is the biggest club for those of us who follow the Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Desoto cars and.

"The Old Chrysler Corporation Auto Club" is located in Ontario, Canada. They put on a Mopar Fest (billed as the biggest Mopar event in Canada) once a year in New Hamburg, Ontario check out their web pages at I like the club's name, Walter P. would be proud.

George McDowell's place A very nice place to visit and a fellow Turbine car fan!

Click here for my own web page devoted to restoration Links only!

The Plymouth Owner's Club official web site.

Corvette Restorations

The Roadside Gallery of Fine Art - may very cool automobile photos here to view or purchase.

This site is not about Cars but Leon Dixon - Auto Consultant and writer has a very interesting site here.

Vintage look radios with new technology! We also sell useful accessories to make your vintage car a joy to drive!

Check out the Stockmopar web site - it has one of the best Fender Tag de-coders I have ever seen! Don't miss it!

Moore's Mopar Pages are a super place to visit too!

The Scamp Pickup is a Chrysler "L-Body" - Team Omni has some information on the Scamp/Rampage.

A site with lots of Mopar action is at the 1962 to 1965 Mopar pages.

Want to visit a great site? Jerry Green is very much interested in turbine power! CLICK HERE or on his name for some engines and powered vehicles you will not see anywhere else. Jerry is a heck of a nice guy too!

Tim Young is an artist and Plymouth enthusiast his Timouth (c) blog is interesting to say the least!

Need a manual for your car? Click here for the best CD-Rom versions you can buy. They even have the Turbine Car shop manual on CD.- - MoparManuals.Com is your source for LED taillights and retro accessories for classics and customs.

Check Pit Products for a variety of trailer accessories including light weight aluminum cabinets, trailer ramps, and tire storage products.

If you need to haul a heavy trailer with your car on it or any heavy load - you might want to check Air Lift to give your vehicle a little extra help with the load., the most complete and fastest growing online source for all things Mopar. FREE Mopar Swap Meet Forums, Tech Forums, Online Tools, and much more.

Moparstyle a place where Mopar people gather.

This is a link to some very good information on the > History of the Automobile

Click here for paint chips for almost any car made - PPG Color selection

CLICK HERE FOR DITZLER (some Dupont) PAINT CODES for MOPARS from 1967 to 1974.

Speaking of Paint, how about my charts of Engine Colors from 60's and 70's

Need to search for used parts - - search over 1000 yards for your used parts!

Need a manual for an old Mopar? Need old auto literature? Bishko Books has a lot of them.

RUST BULLET you can find out more about them here, "Showing the automotive field a better technology for rust protection."

Let be a place for you to hang out with other Old Car people.

As a service to all drivers and those learning to drive - this link to

is a website where you can practice tests and keep fresh with driving rules and laws to be a safer driver. All free!

As a public service - many people in the auto industry smoked in the past and many still do.

If you smoke and want to quit, there is help available at

American Cancer Society

There many people in the auto industry who may have been exposed to Asbestos over the years.

Information and support for those who have contracted Mesothelioma is

This link will take you to a page with quite a few auto related museums in North America.


The Cyber Space World Railroad. This is the one stop for anyone who like trains. With this link you get links to just about every other train site in the world, try it!

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe home page. This is the corporate site for the largest railroad in the United States.

The Garden Railways magazine. This is where U.S. prototype "G" scale model builders go on the web.


Girl Alive is the new web site my daughter Alana publishes - check it out, it is great don't miss the drawings - they are funny!.

Simply Moist. My son's home page, ask him what it means

My Perfect World, My brother-in-law Phil in Iowa, kind of neat!

Erin's Volcanic Pygmy Pontoon! Yet another page by Phil's other lovely daughter. offers thousands of high quality car pictures and car wallpapers.

Replicar - Own a replicar of the car of your dreams.

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