Forgive me if you get "ticked off" because I don't believe the way you do - you get your own web pages and say what you want.

Let's say this, I learned some thing in the last election, conservatives are not all dead and in the grave. I also learned that the people of Florida can be trusted to vote without screwing everything up or at least they did a lot better this time around. I also find that our division in this country is for the most part pumped up by people on both sides of the middle. I also learned that the middle is not really the middle - never was.

I am conservative for the most part but the Libertairian ideas have always appealed to me (most of them). I believe that life begins at conception and that the rights of the unborn child are every bit as important as those of the mother. That may not fit in your plans but it is what I feel to be the truth. I believe we should not have any of our rights diminished - the Second Ammendment is more important than the first because I feel the only reason we have the first is because the government is afraid of the largest army in the world - the American people. Take away private ownership of guns, knives, whatever - you have a country that the leaders can do anything they want - and will. I don't think we should legalize drugs - once we open that door, we can never put that demon back! I guess I am not much of a libertarian after-all.

Judging by the last election - I don't think there are many libertarians - we all have too strong of opinions to be in the middle. Check back in four years - I pray we will be better off then than we are now. That is the real test of those elected.

By the way, you can probably guess who I voted for. At least I voted - did you???

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Last modified date 12/22/2004