Something neat will go here sometime.

Please excuse the mess. I have not got around to dusting off this corner of the site yet!

Well, I suppose I could put a few things here. I have been to most of this fine country of ours and at some point in time, I will put some photos up here to let you see where I have been.

My daughter used to live in Seattle Washington and I could see myself living there. I like the Olympic Area around Port Townsend and would move there after I retire if I can find a house and convince my wife it would be a good thing to do.

In 2006 my wife and I visited Scotland - our daughter moved there a few years ago. Scotland is a great country to visit, my daughter is not so thrilled to live there but her husband lives there so she does too.

I have some photos of our trip to Scotland HERE!

I also like the Smoky Mountains area of Tennessee but it is too hot in the summer.

Colorado around Durango or the Colorado Springs area would be nice too.

We made a trip to Charleston South Carolina last year and saw a lot of the "Old South" that was very interesting - we stopped at the Outer Banks on the way back and that is a great area to visit too.

America is a great place! When I retire, I hope to see more if it.


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